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Company Description

Publicis Media is the world's largest media agency network and part of the French communications group Publicis Groupe. As a global holding company, Publicis Media lives through its global agency brands Zenith, Starcom and Spark, which manage and continuously develop customer business in strategic communications consulting in over 100 countries. In addition, central specialist teams at Publicis Media support the agencies' customers in the areas of: data and technology, analytics and insights, research, content, performance, buying and business development.

Job Description

Why Work with Us?

The Performics BU strategizes and provides digital activation services for global advertisers in over 57+ markets around the world with the aim to deliver the optimal outcome. Our Performance Centre of Excellence drives performance solutions across several channels including social, search, programmatic, commerce, data and affiliates. We have 30 different nationalities in our teams and work closely with teams from Google, Meta, TradeDesk and Amazon to deliver innovative solutions that helps deliver business results to our clients.

The Role:

At Performics, the role of the Business Consultant, specializing in performance products within the media sector, goes far beyond traditional consulting. It is a dynamic fusion of expert analysis, visionary strategy, and hands-on leadership. As the media landscape continually evolves, reshaped by technology, consumer behaviours, and market demands, this role is pivotal in navigating our strategy through this intricate maze. The Business Consultant is responsible for transforming data into actionable insights, turning challenges into opportunities, and ensuring that we are always a step ahead in the fiercely competitive world of performance media. This not only requires a proactive approach to comprehensive market and competitive analyses but also an ability to forecast industry shifts and recommend pre-emptive strategies.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Strategic Consulting: Deep dive into the our current business operations and product offerings, offering actionable strategies that enhance the value and impact of our performance solutions.

2. Comprehensive Market Analysis: Conduct thorough market research to identify emerging trends, potential opportunities, and threats that could affect our positioning in the performance products space.

3. Competitive Analysis: Perform an in-depth analysis of competitors, identifying their strategies, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and translating these findings into actionable insights to guide our strategy.

4. Product Gap Analysis: Identify gaps in our current product lineup compared to market needs or competitors' offerings. Recommend new product introductions or feature additions.

5. Pricing Strategy Analysis: Review the pricing structures of performance products in the context of market demand, competition, and perceived value. Offer strategies for optimal pricing that maximizes profitability without compromising market share.

6. Product ROI Analysis: Assess the return on investment for various performance products, considering all associated costs, projected earnings, and potential risks. Recommend adjustments or continued investments based on findings.

7. Product Portfolio Analysis: Evaluate the mix of performance products offered by channel, advising on product diversification, consolidation, or phasing out based on current market dynamics and future projections.

8. Product Evolution Analysis: Study and forecast how our performance products might need to evolve in response to technological advancements, shifting consumer behaviour's, or market demands.

9. Operational Excellence: Contribute to the streamlining of internal processes, tools, and methodologies. Evaluate and ensure that projects are executed in the most efficient manner, ensuring high-quality deliverables while optimizing resource use.

10. Stakeholder Engagement: Build and nurture relationships with key stakeholders, ensuring that their needs and concerns are addressed and integrated into our strategic solutions.

11. Thought Leadership: Develop and dissemination of whitepapers, case studies, trend reports, and competitive analyses. Qualifications


1. A Bachelor’s degree or higher in Business Administration, Economics, Marketing, or a related field.

2. Minimum of 3-5 years of experience, ideally in a top-tier consulting firm, with a strong focus on media or related industries.

3. Demonstrated experience in analyzing, conceptualizing, or managing performance products within the media sector.

4. Hands-on experience conducting in-depth market and competitive analyses, deriving actionable insights, and formulating strategies based on findings.

5. Experience with digital media platforms, tools, and technologies, as well as an understanding of the digital media landscape.

6. Excellent written, verbal, and presentation skills, with the ability to convey complex information clearly and persuasively.

7. Demonstrated leadership capabilities, with the aptitude to lead projects and manage cross-functional collaborations.

8. Adept at thinking strategically, foreseeing potential challenges, and devising proactive solutions.

9. Ability to thrive in a rapidly changing environment, adapting strategies and recommendations based on evolving market conditions.

10. A commitment to continuous learning and staying updated with industry trends, market shifts, and emerging technologies.

Additional Information

About the Way We Work:

Be You

• We believe you should be able to be the same person at work as you are at home. Authenticity and trust are important. Be who you are, mean what you say, allow other teammates to do the same.

Know Your Teammates

• We know social opportunities reinforce relationships, and relationships shape our attitudes. Everyone is equal parts teacher and learner, so invest in each other. We are a community. Play with intention.

Make It Better

• We believe there’s always room for growth—professionally, personally, and in our communities. We identify opportunities for improvement, innovation, and learning and encourage our clients to do the same

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